Andreia Rodrigues is an artist, a model and television presenter in Portugal. She is an epitome of delicate beauty and elegance. She is an accomplished person who has rose to greater position in the industry due to her hard work, devotion and determination. She is currently running a reality TV show, namely Amigos Improváveis (2020), wherein only young adults are welcomed by the retired people. The show is running successfully, bringing much success to the Andreia Rodrigues who is sole host of the show.

Personal Life of Andreia Rodrigues:

The model was born on 11 April, 1984 (35 years age). She is married to Carlos Daniel Ferreira Ferreira. Her husband is a Portuguese journalist. She is daughter of Sergio Condensso and Paula Rodrigues.

Professional Life of Andrei Rodrigues:

Andreia Rodrigues, who is a famous model of the L’Agence models, also presented and hosted the show oca a Ganhar (TVI) along with her flourishing model career. Her hard work and balance brought her the success she boasts today.

In 2008, Andreia Rodrigues ran for the beauty contest show, which she won and participated in the Miss World 2008 show. She was an active, passionate and an elegant Miss World 2008 contestant.

Television Career of Andreia Rodrigues:

Her television career is summarized below: