Instagram addiction is new thrill without which our days are absolutely incomplete. Instagram is mainly a mobile app, which is used by over 400 million users on a daily basis. People edit their photos, share their special moments, follow their favorite celebrities, learn DIY tutorial videos, buy their desired items and earn on the Instagram from its business profile options. All in all, Instagram is used by people for a variety of reasons.

But what if you do not have mobile phone for any weirder reasons? How would you operate your personal or business profile on PC or Mac?

Don’t worry! We have you all covered.

How to Use Instagram on PC or Mac?

Downloading the App: It is one of the most common solutions to your problem. You will only have to download the app in your Mac or PC from Google Play or Apple Store. Then, you can sign in and enjoy the Instagram. However, this is a very cumbersome and hard procedure. You can also access the Instagram with other methods given in this article in the following sections.

Accessing Instagram Using Web Version of Instagram

There is a web version of the Instagram, which can be accessed easily and does not require any third-party intervention. Just follow below options to access your Instagram Profile:

Go to

Login to your profile.

You have successfully accessed Instagram through its web version on the desktop.

Accessing Instagram Using Web Browser

This is a trick that you can use to access the Instagram. The trick is quite simple: you can access the Instagram on your desktop systems by changing “user agent” or any details that change your information as a mobile viewer. Modern browsers allow you to change the details. So, you can successfully access the Instagram using web browser.

Accessing Instagram through Third-Party Apps

You can also access Instagram using third-party apps, such as proxy servers or other website that hide your identity information. It is a simple tool, but it does your job exceptionally well. It allows you to visit your Instagram profile in an instant.

You must download or access third-party tools online and sign up. After signing up, you will be given the platform to access the Instagram. So, you can conveniently access the Instagram through third-party apps.

Conclusion:By following any of the above options, you can easily access the Instagram on Mac or PC.