What is COVID19?

COVID-19 virus is a viral disease, whose origins can be traced back to the Wuhan, China. It is a common virus commonly belonging to the same family of the Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) and is categorized as some type of common cold flu.

Effects of COVID19:

The effects of the COVID19 pandemic are very severe; entire world production companies, manufacturing companies, various types of institutions; economic institutions, scientific institutions, private organizations, public institutions, educational institutions have been shut down in order to prevent the occurrence of the COVID19.

204 countries around the world have been affected by the spread of the COVID19 pandemic. Every country has issued partial and full lockdown in order to facilitate the social distancing, which is only way to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus.

Consequences will be measured once the pandemic ends; the loss and negative impacts will be assessed later on.

COVID19 on Instagram Filters:

As the social distancing is the only method propagated that will curb the spread of the coronavirus, Instagram has also send its reviewers back home with paid holiday. As the team will also undergo quarantine, the team would not be able to operate at the home. So, no new augmented reality effects will be reviewed, approved and published by the COVID19 Instagram filters.

Instagram has pledged that the team will be back to work while working from the home option, however they are not sure when this will happen.

Instagram has let its audience known that the automated systems will be in effects, so most of the people will be able to receive feedbacks upon their submissions. Full-time and human reviewers will take time to respond as the new mechanism of working-from-home are found and established.

Instagram had let known that the content creators had also been sent home owing to the devastating effects and spread of the Coronavirus. It may mean that the content creators will not be able to pay their own bills or create new content just because the reviewers team of the Instagram and Facebook are absent from their offices – undergoing quarantine to save themselves from the deathly coronavirus disease.

Conclusion:The good news is that the team would be back in some time. When the team is back, it would be announced in the Spark AR Hub – it is software that is utilized to make the effects of the Instagram and Facebook.