Instagram is mainly a Video and Photos Sharing website that is powered by an American company called Facebook. It was developed and created by the Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger in the year 2010. In short words, Instagram is a hub of pictures uploaded by experts, juniors and seniors of almost every field by the people worldwide.

Protection and Safety of Children Online on Social Media

Protecting kids on social media can be really threatening and challenging for the parents in this modern and technological world. You also do not want to invade the privacy of your children, yet you also aim at ensuring their safety in a digital world where cyberbullying, cyber crimes and inappropriate content is abundantly found.

Ensuring the balance is really hard, but not an impossible thing to achieve.

Protecting Children on Instagram:

Instagram is a quite popular website online, which is famous on both WhatsApp and Instagram platform. Instagram has over 400 million active users, who have uploaded more than 40 billion photos on the Instagram.

For the parents, “many teenagers have reportedly said that the Instagram is really an important website of all social media websites.”

So, if you have a teenager or preteen child, it is most likely that they are on Instagram already or they aspire to join the Instagram.

Is Instagram Bad For Your Children?

Definitely not. Instagram is not only filled with photos that are inappropriate for your child. Instagram can provide your child with a great many opportunities to develop and grow. So, restricting your child from accessing Instagram can be a bad decision.

However, you can make Instagram safer for your children through some rules. We have detailed them in the following section.

Steps to Protect Your Child’s Online Experience on Instagram:

You can communicate the rules of the usage with your children verbally. You must explain to them what they must see and what they must avoid; this would help them in defining right from the wrong. Here are some of the areas for the regulation:

Rules for Content: Images and videos which kids must refrain from watching.

Rules for Time: The schedule of usage of the Instagram – the devices should be shut off an hour before bedtime.

Rules for Usage: Places and situations where kids must not use the mobile phone (e.g. study time, meals time, family time etc.)

If you practice above precautionary measures, your children are very safe on Instagram.