Snapchat is mainly a messaging app, which is really popular around the world. Snapchat has 400 million active users. Snapchat has a number of interesting features such as Snapchat streaks, filters and lenses that have attracted a large number of audience. The audience also includes top celebrities and influencers, who are followed the most on the platform.

Following are the top 5 most followed popular Snapchat users on USA:

DJ Khaled

Khaled Mohammad Khaled is one of the most famous media personality in USA, who is a DJ, record executive, songwriter, producer and author. He had gained prominence in the year 1990s with his show on Miami Hip Hop station 99 Jamz.

He is the most followed popular Snapchat user on USA.

Snapchat username: @djkhaled305

Kylie Jenner

She is a reality TV star, who became really popular with her E! Reality TV show. She has continued the show and rose to higher fame. She is a media personality, a businesswoman and a famous celebrity who is the 2ndmost followed Snapchat user on USA.

Snapchat Username: @kylizzlmynizzl

Gigi Hadid

She is truly the epitome of grace and beauty, enchanting everyone with her elegant and gorgeous looks. Gigi Hadid is an American fashion model, who made her first entrance to the Top 50 models ranking at in 2016. She also reined at the international model of the year by the British fashion council.

She is the third most followed Snapchat User on USA.

Snapchat Username:@itsgigihadid

Blac Chyna

Her name is Angela Renee White - who goes by her professional name Black Chyna – is an American Model and an entrepreneur. She had launched her own makeup brand named Lashed. Lashed is a makeup brand that has garnered a lot of popularity and acceptance among the consumers. She also owns a beauty salon.

She is the fourth most followed Snapchat user on USA.

Snapchat Username: @BlacChynaLA

Chrissy Teigen

She is a famous author, television personality and a model. She made her first modelling debut in the annual Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue in 2010. She has gained greater popularity among the teens and youth due to her elegance and amazing looks.

She is fifth most followed Snapchat user on USA.

Snapchat Username:@chrissyteigen

They are the five most followed popular Snapchat users on USA, who lives in the heart of every American truly.