Every day, a new challenge comes up and people show their passion and devotion to perform the challenge with full energy and enthusiasm. New “Flip the Switch Challenge” is being readily accepted and performed by the top celebrities, who had left everyone in the amazement and fits. Following are the celebrities who have the absolutely nailed the “Flip the Switch Challenge”.

Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodrigues Perform Flip the Switch Challenge

This is most definitely the funniest videos of all you will encounter for Flip the Switch Challenge! I cannot control my laughter having watched the video. As the Jennifer completes her movie, Alex is seen in the avatar of Jennifer that cracks the viewers into bursts of laughter! Ha!

Cedic Entertainer and Max Greenfield’s Robotic Moves

These two absolutely make the best challenging couple! Cedic had captioned his challenge as “These boys got the moves”, adding joy and laughter to everyone scrolling down in Instagram. Both of them perform in a funky and funny mode.

Her Choreographer and Camilla Cabello Had To!

Camilla Cabello had revealed that her choreographer and she had to perform this challenge, as the challenge had gone viral among the celebrities and the influencers. In the video, Camilla Cabello is seen shaking her body, and her choreographer mimics a lady in the end; superficially being her.

Though the move was copied from Jennifer’s act, it still had us in fits due to funkier looks of her Choreographer Calvit Jr.!

Sen. Elizabeth Warren Making an Appearance with Flip the Switch Challenge

These two made an absolutely amazing video! Sen. Elizabeth Warren is seen performing the “Flip the Switch Challenge” with her impersonator Kate McKinnon’s. Elizabeth and Kate, both, look absolutely friendly and lovable in the 10 sec video.

Emily Ratajkowski and Josh Ostrovsky

This couple performed the challenge in a non-serious and amazing way that we loved it! Both of them ended up wearing the Justin Bieber Sweater in the end – giving us the chance to judge who looked better! Josh killed it!

Ryan Seacrest and Kelly Ripa Live Challenge

This is definitely the funniest one, as the hosts of the show – Live with Kelly and Ryan - perform the challenge going live on the television. They switched their roles live, and exchanging their duties to each other.

These are some of the top-notch and funniest Flip the Switch Challenge I had loved!