Text Message is the type of an electronic message, which is composed of the alphabets and numerical characters. This electronic message is sent through mobile devices, laptop/desktop systems or any other type of computer device. Text messages can be personal and professional.

Speech to Text Facility:

Speech is the primary method whereby messages are conveyed and delivered through making verbal sounds. People express their emotions and ideas through usage of a particular language. Thankfully, now technology has evolved tremendously so much so that the computers also tend to understand the human language. Speech recognition technology is amazing as it has significant application of the natural language processing.

Countries That Text Message More With Speech To Text

Following are some of the top countries that text message more with speech to text facility:

USA (United States of America)

United States of America is known to be the top countries where the users’ text message more with speech to text facility. North Americans particularly find speech recognition technology a good and viable option.

Text messages trend is already very popular in USA, wherein there are286 million US subscribers, who send 152.7 billion text messages per month – On an average basis, each individual sends 534 messages per subscriber per month.


Japan is a pro-technology country, whose inhabitants take much interest in the modern and latest technological trends. Japan is ranked at no. 2 whose internet and mobile users text message more with speech to text.


China is another populous country wherein the trend of text messaging is very huge. In 2007, 700 Billion messages were sent. If the consensus of text messages are recorded freshly, the 700 billion message must be multiplied 9 to 10 times. China is also a country whose population prefer to text message more with speech to text.


Philippines is also a hot market of the text message. The text messages were introduced in 1995. The popularity of text message has not waned since then. Philippines population also rely on the speech recognition technology for the text messages.

European Countries

After Asia and America, European countries are a big market for the text messages which are sent through using speech to text technology. Germany, UK and France are top countries that utilize speech recognition technology.

Conclusion:As the speech recognition technology becomes a usable and viable feature, more countries and larger world population will adopt it.