Snapchat streaks is known to be the feature that either allows the friendships to grow further or die. But why and how?

Instagram likes, hearts and Facebook thumbs up are great way to show your love and care for your friends – most of us are used to it and no more notice any specialty of it. However, Snapchat streaks are next-level thing for the teens.

What is Snapchat Streaks?

A Snapchat streak takes place when you happen to send direct snaps back and forth for a number of days on a regular basis. The longer you send direct messages without any hiccups, the longer would the chain of your Snapchat streaks.

Snapchat happens to reward the users for the longer Snapchat streaks with emoji, such as special 100 emoji for 100 Snapchat streak, or a mountain emoji for an absolutely longer streak.

Longer Streaks and Losing It: There is nothing more devastating for a teen than losing of a longer streak on which you had spent months. If you lose the streaks, you break the friendship and the bonds you nurtured for so long.

Snapchat Streaks Tell A Lot of Things…

For the Teens: Snapchat streaks claim a lot of things about the users; for the teens, having a longer and powerful Snapchat streaks talks about your friendship with a particular person. If you do not have any good Snapchat streaks with your best friend, maybe that person is not your best friend at all.

Limited Snapchat Streams Limit Your Appeal: Snapchat Streaks also let others know how popular you are. If you have limited conversations and limited Snapchat streaks, you perhaps are a dull person. You will not stand a chance of friendship among teenagers.

In order to come across as a popular and “wanted” person, you need to increase the strength and power of your Snapchat streaks.

Snapchat Streaks Are A Score: Snapchat streaks work like a score; a score of how many you know and how many people are your friends. So, people would know how important and “wanted” you are.

Committed to a Relationship: If you have a strong Snapchat streak with your partner, it is a way to tell that you are really committed to your partner and value their presence in your life.

Conclusion:The social dynamics of the teen give a lot of important to the Snapchat streaks. So, Snapchat streaks are closely followed by the teens.