Snapchat Messaging App:

Snapchat is mainly a multimedia messaging app, which is very popular among the youth. This messaging app was created and developed by the Even Spiegel, Bobby Murphy and Reggie Brown. Snapchat has 201 million active users, who enjoy live stories, instant messaging and lots of other Snapchat features.

There are two prominent features of Snapchat; they are filters and lenses. There are many other features that will also confuse the users; filters and lenses are also one of those features. Let us see what the difference between the two of them is:

What Are Filters on Snapchat?

The filters on Snapchat are the static images, which may appear in your photo. They simply sit on the top of your images, representing a particular group, echoing slogan for a particular cause, spreading awareness regarding an issue or any other informational content.

In order to access the filters on the Snapchat, you must enable the following settings:

Open your profile on the Snapchat app.

Go to the “Settings” option.

Go to “additional services” and tap the “Manage”.

Click on the slider at the top to “turn on” filters.

What Are Lenses on the Snapchat?

The lenses on the Snapchat are the animated pictures, which provides you with the opportunity to add animation to your picture. You use the augmented reality animations on your pictures, which also enables you to alter your voice along with your appearance on the Snapchat screen. Thus, you can pick up from any lenses available on the Snapchat or add more as you may like.

In order to access the lenses on the Snapchat, you can do the following:

Open your Snapchat App.

You must tap on the screen, which will open up carousel of icons at the bottom of the screen.

You can go through the assortment of lenses at the bottom of the screen.

When you have gone through the assortment of the lenses, you can pick the one or re-pick the one again when you are done. This is how, you access the lenses on the Snapchat.

Conclusion: Main Difference between Snapchat Filters and Lenses:

The main difference between the Snapchat filters and lenses is that filters on the Snapchat are static, while lenses are animated. The method of accessing and using filters and lenses are also very different from each other.